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9 thoughts on “ Versus Tape - Small Factory - For If You Cannot Fly

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  3. For If You Cannot Fly by Small Factory is mid-'90s guitar rock -- tunes that are short, sweet, rocking pop. Small Factory set up the verse/chorus structure wonderfully, never leaving a chance for a boring moment. The success of this record lies in male/female vocal harmonies and the upbeat tempo.8/
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  5. Feb 08,  · Small Factory - Scared of Love Song of the Day Next, here's a live version of Versus Tape at The Bell House in New York City. Lost Classics: Small Factory For If You Cannot Fly And here are pictures of my copy of the Scared of Love single. Posted by Martin Samson at AM.
  6. I've never seen a band with a bigger aura of anticipation beforehand, or electric togetherness during, or a more natural rapport with their audience. Basically, if you can't have fun at a Small Factory show, you probably ought to give up trying. They initially were a semi-acoustic band, though they absolutely rocked the house; no folkies here.
  7. Apr 16,  · They’re nobody’s buzz bands anymore. But since , MAGNET has discovered and documented more great music than memory will allow. The groups may have broken up or the albums may be out of print, but this time, history is written by the losers. Here are some of the finest albums that time forgot but we Continue reading "Lost Classics: Small Factory “For If You Cannot Fly”".
  8. Small Factory Bio American indie rock band formed in and based in Providence, R.I.. The group was well regarded as an exemplar of s indie rock although they never achieved great success or .
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