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6 thoughts on “ Quadrant 1 - Ego Death / Cat.n.Bone - Bald Split

  1. It is known that many people tend to walk at about on flat surface. However, your speed on flat terrain will be considerably faster than when you encounter steep uphill or downhill sections, which may slow you to as little as 1 mph. Thus, if Forrest was walking trough uphill/downhill area his speed was 1 .
  2. The first section of the alien message was as complicated as the second, so far, was simple. The maze looked like a curtain, a tapestry, intricately beautiful, beautifully complex. Paths led across its surface, disappeared within and beneath each other, widened and split like the streams of a river delta, narrowed and disappeared.
  3. V. not exist &c 1; have no existence &c 1; be null and void; cease to exist &c 1; pass away, perish; be extinct, become extinct &c adj.; die out; disappear &c ; melt away, dissolve, leave not a rack behind; go, be no more; die &c
  4. * measured with a portable quadrant. Now read on: * "As soon as the signs were erected, we went there to take angles, and These soon split into towers, which were shortly after lost * ``in colonnades, then windows, and at last ended in pines, cypresses, sie werden bald grösser, bald kleiner, bald in Stücken * getrennt, und sind.
  5. Ego Death/NRYY - split (CDr, Album) Sub Rec Ego Death / Mixturizer - split (CDr) Smell The Stench, Hard To Digest Stuff, Sewer Records Ego Death/TeaPartyViolence (CDR) Corrupt Productions Ego Death - Drunk As Stench (3"CDr, Mini, Ltd) Smell The Stench Ekasia - Five Steps To Hell (CDr) Smell The Stench
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