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8 thoughts on “ N.L.T. - Coppice - Coldfall

  1. Coldfall Wood is an ancient woodland in Muswell Hill, North London. It covers an area of approximately 14 hectares (35 acres) and is surrounded by St Pancras and Islington Cemetery, the East Finchley public allotments, and the residential streets Creighton Avenue and Barrenger Road. It is the site of the discoveries which first led to the.
  2. "Coppice returns to share a spiralling journey from cloudbanks and coldfronts, weaving through countless rustling leaves, down to leafmould and the detritus of the forest floor.".
  3. Ralph Cumbers describes his latest release as "an open love letter to underground dance music culture". Out earlier this month on Magic and Dreams, Inner Space Break Free harks back to ye olde days of hardcore and rave, with influences not so much worn on its sleeve as emblazoned across the back of a friggin' great fluoro jacket.
  4. Coldfall is inspired by the now-fragmented ancient woodland of London and its perseverance throughout the centuries. It also owes much to erratic weather patterns deluging London with downpours during the time of its conception.

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